6 Feb 2011

More on Camera

I supposed those days of calibration for camera came back as I was invited to a research meeting this morning at dental's.

Together was Prof Majid and Zanur from penang with Prof Zainul, En Hakim n Dr Ali from dental. The main objective was to define the research objectives as they will fill the form for a new research grant.

This research is gonna be exiting as I thought of collaboration between com sci, IT, Math, dental clinician and photogrammetry engineer are going to be some exploration of knowledge in each of the personnel.

But, noted that it is still basic skills in photography involved and I really glad after these years I have spent a lot of time understanding and learning the basic of dslr and camera.

As long I know the best option for camera handling, lighting and exposure, I should provide more subtle images for the research needs although the significant of it really low. But, it helps the researcher to have a better quality images for their analysis.

I, for this case actually presented as both. As an IT personnel that provide information about the IT and also as a photographer. Thus, it would be satisfying enough for me to provide my skills to this upcoming research.

There are a lot of more things to know about the dslr. How the focal length could effect our image distortion and what is the ideal distance for each focal length. There are others variables of camera that should be determined in order to have an accurate measurement taken from the images. These variables for camera are called camera parameters. Initial data should be the ccd size in pixel and the size of each pixel. After series of image capturing on calibrated panel, images then analyzed to get series of camera parameters such as the distortion factor, principal point, focal length of the lens and skew factor.

And it always amazed me to find out that all these years of 'godek-godek' camera are actually could become handy in terms of scientific research, which could benefit for future clinical research and medical operation.

And these years of software development at husm also would be a significant experience as one of the unofficial objective of the research is to develop an open source software for close range photogrammetry that I suppose why I am invited in this research group.

Looking forward for this with exitement. w00t

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